Water is...

Water is...

of exceptional importance for every human being and their both social and economic development. The range of tasks of Abfallverwertung NÖ GmbH includes water conservation based on various measures of water treatment to sustainably secure the resource water for future generations.

Legal basis

The Austrian Water Act is a resource management law including long-term water management planning. The federal government is responsible for both legislation and enforcement. Against this backdrop, the Water Act 1959 (WRG 1959) provides the legal framework for a multitude of measures as well as the legal instruments required to enforce them, especially in the following three fields:

  • the use of water sources,
  • the protection and prevention of pollution of water sources,
  • and the protection from water dangers

The WRG comprises the following points with regard to the protection and prevention of pollution of water sources, which also includes the specialist treatment and disposal of wastewater:

  • Avoid exposing human beings or animals to health hazards
  • Avoid any impairment of nature or landscapes
  • Prevent any further deterioration of the status of aquatic ecosystems
  • Promote the sustainable use of water resources
  • Improve the aquatic environment
  • Use ground and spring water as drinking water
  • Use surface water for public or commercial purposes
  • Preserve the integrity of fish waters
The Water Act was last amended in the year 2013 and 2014.

Austrian Water Act (WRG, 1959)